Video tutorial of shooting HDR 360 panoramic photography of Jon Torek

This course provides basic step to ones who care about the technique of shooting capturing and blending HDR 360 panoramic photos. Equipment before hand are not somethings complicated but just a DRSL camera, a tripod and a desktop. The tutor of the course is Jon Torek, a photographer who has 20 plus years experience working… View Article

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5 reasons you should switch to Cloud-based Virtual Tour software ?

For 360-degree photographers, Virtual Tour Software is an indispensable tool to publish a complete Virtual Tour with the full support of interface, features & hotspot. Apart from the Offline Virtual Tour Software currently , there is an appearance of the new Cloud-based solutions, catching up with the trend in Cloud computing. These Cloud-based solutions demonstrate… View Article

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5 reasons you should use Theta S for your next real estate project

The real estate market nowadays requires playing hard to get more than ever. The number of sellers and brokers always outweighs the number of buyers. So, standing out from the crowd plays a key role in success. That’s where the Theta S comes in, an awesome Virtual Tour gadget to capture your clients’ attention. Here… View Article

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#Virtual Reality 11/27/2017