• Go to your Project Dashboard, hover on a project that you want to download, and click the Export button.

    • If you’re already a customer of Lapentor with a linked Credit card then we will charge $10 on your linked card.
    • If you’re a new customer then you will need to enter your Credit Card and process to pay $10 for the download.

    After payment success, you will receive a zip file containing all the images & codes to run the tour. Then you just need to upload the zip file to your web server (that supports PHP) and unzip the file.

  • Sometimes it took a while to prepare your project for download/export. If it stuck then please try to refresh the browser and download it again. You won’t have to pay again if you already purchased that project.
    In the case it stuck while downloading, you can try to refresh the page and go to the Project Configuration page, check Export tab to see if it already generated a download link. If it still doesn’t show up any links, you can contact us.

  • You can always re-download your purchased project many times as you like.

  • You can Export/Download your tour project as a zip file (contain all the images and source code to run the tour), then you can upload and unzip it on your own server. You don’t have to do anything else, just upload and unzip the file on your hosting and it will work immediately.

    E.g: you download your project name: “awesome-tour.zip”, after you upload to your hosting under your own domain (e.g: mydomain.com). You can access your tour at: https://mydomain.com/awesome-tour

    If you want to self-host on your computer instead of hosting, you will need a local webserver to serve the tour. Please try to use MAMP, XAMPP, WAMP