• Who are you guys ?

    We are a group of photographers, developers, designers who share the same interest in the panoramic photography. Back to the time we started working together in 2012, we were active as a media company which mainly provided the 360 photography service for local real-estate agencies. Later on, we scaled to build up Lapentor in a belief to narrow down difficulties, in building 360 virtual tours, for all 360 panoramic photographers.

  • Why you created Lapentor ?

    Before creating Lapentor, we were merely photographers and developers. At that time, the 360 panoramic industry was in an early stage, there were only handful of  competent software to use.  We found it a pain a long the way we were learning to be competent in such software. In addition, they were not as flexible as we expected. Then, whilst using those software, we were also building our own tool which was the predecessor of nowadays Lapentor. After realizing the same need from the panoramic photographers, we decided to launch the Lapentor project and share the the wealth to the photographers.


  • Can Lapentor publish Tour to Google Streetview ?

    Not possible currently but we have plan for it in near future. Pls follow our roadmap for more information

  • What is the required computer configuration to use Lapentor ?

    Lapentor is a Cloud-based platform so it requires no special hardware to use. You can work anytime, anywhere with your regular laptop, just login and start editing, completely online

  • How do I report software issues/bugs ?

    The most simple & fastest is using our Live Chat (which provided by Intercom). Or you can send message to us via fanpage or email help@lapentor.com. You can even report bug or contribute idea via our feedback.lapentor.com

  • What is “Multiresolution” ?

    Depending on zoom level and angle of view, only the parts of the VR panoramic image that best matching resolution are loaded. This means that less memory is needed and the quality of VR panoramic image is not reduced when zooming in. Read this tutorial to learn how to enable Multiresolution for your Tour

  • What is Cloud Hosting service ?

    Cloud Hosting service is our solution to publish your Tour on Internet instantly. It allows the authors & viewers to access anywhere & anytime, the Tour can be embed into any website normally. Learn more about our Hosting solutions

  • Are there any time limits to use Lapentor ?

    There is no time limit to use Lapentor as a tool. We only offer Cloud Hosting service if you don’t want to deal with server stuff. Without our Cloud Hosting activated, your Tour will be public on 7 days until become “private”, but you can always download it and host on your own server. Read this tutorial to learn how to activate our Cloud Hosting

  • What is the “scene” ?

    Scene is a rendered pano that you can interact like zoom in / out & move top / down / left / right. Read this tutorial to learn how to create a scene

  • Can you develop a plugin for me ?

    We improve Lapentor day by day directly from our users’ feedback & request. We don’t receive raw KRPano plugin order and prioritize the requests. Sometimes we can charge based on the difficulty and how much urgent of the request

  • Can you make panoramic photos for me and create a tour ?

    Yes, currently we also run a panoramic photograhy studo, pls email us to help@lapentor.com to send your request

  • What is Lapentor viewer ?

    Lapentor use KRPano engine as the core to render the Virtual Tour