I know you have waited for this for so long …
  • A tool -- that help you build Krpano-based Virtual Tour that support multi-resolution & work smoothly in multiple devices
  • A tool -- that help you to design your Virtual Tour interface & add functions in minutes without any line of code
  • A tool -- that help you to host your own Virtual Tour under your own domain

An essential tool for all panoramic photographers

...which allow you to focus 100% on your photo
Free tools to build a Virtual Tour

How much you would willing to pay for such a powerful tool?

$152, $380, $470

...or Free

OK, lets keep reading...

You should have heard about KRPano!

It’s the most reliable & advanced 360 viewer. No deny !
Very strong engine, so great that none of non-KRpano services out there can stand a chance
The only choice for professional photographers who looking for high performance and high quality rendering option to turn their photo into rich & interactive Virtual Tour

Great! But...

KRPano is still far from completed solution for Panoramic Photographers

Why ?

Because to build a beautiful, informative & engaging Virtual Tour with KRpano you still have to handle the designing stuff & coding things, more or least

I.e Starfruit JSC - a small Panoramic Photography studio used to have to spend average 5-10 hours for the post-processing of a Virtual Tour project

  • 2+ hour struggling with designing the Virtual Tour with Photoshop (hotspot icons, forms, galleries, menu, floorplans...etc..)
  • 2+ hour struggling with KRPano XML to connect hotspot, customize title & other stuff...
  • 1+ hour struggling with uploading to hosting
  • And they haven’t talked about the process of working with clients yet

So is there any way that save them tons of time handling mandatory stuff which require skilss that they aren't familiar with ?

Yes there is...

There are tons of Offline Software & Online Software for Virtual Tour creation
...they all have pros & cons

…in short

Cloud Hosting solutions are good for editing,
...and Offline ones give authors the freedom to publish

working on Lapentor - Virtual Software

What if there is a Panoramic tool that are the best of both world

… which can save your time editing and give you freedom of publishing

  • - No trial or buy to use
  • - Just work. Anytime. Anywhere
  • - Allow to customize almost anything
  • - Sharing in seconds. Deliver in minutes
  • - Let you choose what best for your work

"There is none like that in market yet ?" - You may have thought ...

"… until Lapentor"

What is that...

Yet another Virtual Tour software ?

but in short...

Lapentor has a very competitive base

  • Responsive
    Work on PC, Mobile & VR
  • No usage cost
    The only platform that offer unlimited free to use
  • Intuitive Interface
    Suprising simple with instant update
  • Multiresolution
    Which helps displaying high resolution panos & improve load speed
  • KRPano Engine
    Inherit the strength of the best Virtual Tour engine
  • Publish Option
    Set private, publish or password limited access
  • Unlimited Usage
    No limit on number of panos, projects or time to use
  • Analytic Integration
    Track with your own Google Analytic code
  • SEO Friendly
    Customizable title, description & project thumbnail

… come with an innovative mindset in customization

providing 8 types of hotspots, 21+ add-in features & lots of templates

Click each box below for more information

and finally, the freedom for publishing your Virtual Tour

Never been so easy, choose what the best for your Virtual Tour

Self Hosting
- under your domain -

self hosting
Self management & control

Cloud Hosting
- via Lapentor service -

cloud hosting
Convenient. Fast & Easy
Learn more about Hosting
login screen manage your projects publishing tools bar editing project adding images to your project add location tool
simple step to use our system

Sound interesting ?
Will this inspire and become your handy tool ?

Create your Virtual Tour now !