Top 5 Reasons To Use Cloud Based Virtual Tour Software

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For 360-degree photographers, Virtual Tour Software is an indispensable tool to publish a complete Virtual Tour with the full support of interface, features & hotspots. Apart from the Offline Virtual Tour Software, there is a new trend of new Cloud-based solutions, catching up with the trend in Cloud computing. Cloud-based VR software is blazing fast, secure, and easy to use to publish a Virtual Tour.

1. Work anytime, anywhere with just a browser

With just an internet connection, you can start your work in no time by logging in to your project, and creating or editing Virtual Tour on a compact laptop or iPad while sipping a cup of coffee in your favorite coffee shop. Everything is updated in real-time which means you just need to press “save” and all changes are taken place within seconds without re-creating Virtual Tour, re-uploading to the server, or any other complicated tasks. You also don’t need to work on a high-performance Workstation because everything has been processed on Cloud. What a convenient!

Manage all your projects, online & centralized on Lapentor

While formerly a common Virtual Tour project with the full support of interface, features, and hotspot needs 2 hours to complete by using offline software, the Cloud-based Software only takes you 30 minutes of drag and drop for a finished project

2. Cloud Based Virtual Tour Software updates automatically & instantly to the cloud

How long hasn’t your KrPano got updated? It’s always a pain to install a new update for offline software – Users must download and install it manually – So the software will soon become outdated, or you have to wait for a whole month to fix a small bug. Conversely, Cloud-based solutions like Lapentor collect feedback and launch new updates every day which no things need to do anymore, creating free time which allows you to handle other works which are more important. Of course, you don’t have to be worried about the virus which sometimes might cause you to reset your computer

3. Flexible pricing policy

$470 for Kolor Panotour and EUR 449 for Pano2vr, even Krpano, which is known for a “cheap” price – $250 – is no small initial investment. Meanwhile, Cloud-based solutions are more flexible because they offer monthly pricing and various pricing to suit your needs. The most important thing is that you can pause the subscription anytime without losing your projects. In Lapentor, you can download/export your project to backup and keep it forever after you unsubscribe. Take a look at flexible pricing at Lapentor


virtual tour software pricing

4. Optimize workflow, enhance cooperation

The Cloud-based Virtual Tour software can minimize 50-60% of the effort & time when building a Virtual Tour thanks to avoiding repeatedly performing simple tasks. This is an example of a complete Virtual Tour using Lapentor


Accordingly, for every change request from a customer – especially the Virtual Tours which offer Multiresolution, you have to re-create the image tiles, push up again to the Server, and notify customers multiple times. This process takes time but mostly waiting so your project should be simple which means fewer features, fewer interfaces are better or 2 parties must directly and constantly work until the complete product is; not to mention bugs might occur in one of the above steps have made you frustrated.

5. Disaster recovery

In thousands of cases, your PC or Mac suddenly crashed, but you haven’t saved your data yet. The current Offline Virtual Tour Software doesn’t have a recovery mechanism so you can lose all your projects. 

Conversely, one of the advantages of a Cloud-based solution is that is always in sync, and everything updated is pushed automatically to the Cloud. You don’t have to make a backup manually to Google Photo, Google Drive, or Dropbox… As a result, you always can keep your projects safe and secure.