How to Create a Virtual Tour for Real Estate

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Are you a real estate agent looking for a new way to showcase your properties? Then creating a virtual tour for real estate may be the perfect solution! Virtual tours offer potential buyers an easy and engaging way to view a home from the comfort and safety of their own space. In this blog post, we’ll take you through what a virtual tour is, why it matters, and how to create one. With just the right combination of images, videos, audio recordings, virtual reality technology, and more – you can put together an attractive presentation that will help attract buyers in no time!

1. Virtual tour for real estate

Virtual tours for real estate have become a popular tool in the digital age, allowing potential buyers to explore properties as if they were there in person just by using their computer or phone. These virtual tours are created using panoramic photographs, videos, audio, and text descriptions that come together to create a highly immersive and interactive experience. 

Not only does this virtual tour save time and money for both buyers and sellers, but it also allows them to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of a property’s layout before deciding whether or not to physically visit it. This makes virtual tours an essential part of marketing efforts in the real estate industry, making it easy for potential buyers to make informed decisions without feeling overwhelmed with options.

2. How to make a virtual tour for real estate?


Creating a 360 real estate virtual tour opens buyers up to a world of possibilities. Achieving a virtual tour that truly screams value requires some tools below:

  • Camera to capture the images of the property:  DSLR camera, 360-degree camera, or mirrorless camera are all good options to consider.
  • Tripod to stabilize the camera. It provides a stable base for the camera, which allows you to capture high-quality images with minimal distortion
  • Software to stitch together the images into a panorama. The software can automatically align and blend the images, creating a smooth and seamless transition between each shot. But if you use a 360-degree camera, it’s unnecessary because the camera can stitch automatically without the stitching software.
  • Storyboard or shot list to plan out the shots. It helps to ensure that you capture all of the important features of the property in a cohesive and organized way
  • Prepare the property by decluttering and staging it to create a more visually appealing virtual tour.

With these tools and steps in place, you can ensure that virtual tours for real estate showcase the property in the most appealing way possible, providing viewers with an immersive look at the space like never before! It’s worth taking the extra time to get this right!


Editing virtual tours can be quite fun and creative, but it also requires specialized software for the best results. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about complicated programming; Lapentor is designed for just that! Just follow some easy steps, and you can make a professional virtual tour

  • Import panoramas

To get started, you’ll need to import the 360 images taken during the virtual tour into the platform. Then you’ll be able to arrange them in an order of your choosing and make any needed adjustments. 

  • Add hotspots

Hotspots enable virtual tour users to interact with the virtual environment to access videos, photos, or written information about the object or location. Virtual tourists can click on these hotspots and quickly learn more about their virtual tour environment and its objects in a fun and interactive way.

With an easy-to-use interface, Lapentor allows you to drag a specific hotspot and drop it in the location you want.

  • Add information to hotspots

After creating a hotspot, you need to add the information for each of them by using the CMS (Content Management System) feature. With it, managing and organizing the content in your virtual tour becomes a breeze. Instead of trying to keep track of endless folders and complicated files of content, you can easily store every bit of information in one place.

  • Use advance feature 

With the steps above, you can create a basic virtual tour with Lapentor. However, Lapentor gives virtual tour creators many tools to take their virtual tours to the next level with a wide variety of creative options like Floorplan, Theme changing, Marketing tools, Google map, and more. You can try all of them by registering here!

Publishing and sharing

Lapentor allows you to publish your virtual tour by using a custom domain or hosting on your website with the Export feature. Lapentor also hosts your virtual tours free on the cloud memory. You can access and edit them whenever you want. Plus, you can share your virtual tour by using an URL, iframe, and more.

3. Why a virtual tour is necessary for your property?

Provide potential buyers with a comprehensive and immersive view of the property

It gives potential buyers the peace of mind of a comprehensive exploration, allowing them to dip into every corner of the space. Buyers that are out-of-town, unable to physically visit, or time-restricted appreciate this virtual option, where they can roam around in 3D from the comfort of their home. 

This kind of virtual tour not only enhances the ability of potential buyers to get a genuine feel for the property but has revolutionized how we can explore spaces and make decisions safely – on our terms!

Save time and reduce the need for in-person property visits

Finding a fulfilling home can be both exciting and daunting, but virtual tours make it much more manageable! With virtual tours, potential buyers no longer have to worry about coordinating in-person property visits – they can simply hop online and explore the property from the comfort of their own homes.

By enabling buyers to quickly get an in-depth look at the property, virtual tours help eliminate multiple site visits or showings and streamline the sales process. So next time you’re on the housing hunt, consider checking out virtual tours – they’ll save you time and hassle!

Showcase the property in a dynamic and engaging way

Creating a virtual tour is the ideal way to showcase your property and make it stand out in a crowded real estate market. Not only can it be used to highlight the unique features of a home or business, but also to engage potential buyers with interactive hotspots, photos, videos, and even 360-degree panoramas. 

Plus, virtual tours help leave a memorable and impactful first impression in an increasingly digital world. Put simply, virtual tours let you show off your property just as if potential buyers were taking the tour themselves – giving them all the information they need before they even step foot through your door!

All in all, a 360 real estate virtual tour is a great investment and addition to your business. Not only does it bring potential buyers straight to your home page, but it also allows customers to get an idea of what their new property may look like. With the right tools, creating an immersive virtual tour that better showcases your properties can lead to improved satisfaction and increased customer engagement. Taking advantage of the latest technologies can help you provide amazing experiences for customers and elevate your brand positioning as a top-notch realtor who understands how to appeal to today’s on-the-go potential buyers. Here’s hoping this information has been useful and you now have a good understanding of how to create stunning and exciting virtual tours that take customer service and marketing efforts to the next level.