Virtual Tour is a story that should be told in
an creative way.

Being more fascinating than a video or other kind of regular media
… Virtual Tour is more about visual

4 enhancement of visual that should be applied to Virtual Tour

Software feature

- 2 - Plugins -

The plugins are extended functions that can be activated with just a toggle

It helps to create more special features
...that make the Virtual Tour more informative

plugin functions

There are 21 of Plugins which will rock your project

Check sample Tour

Hover image below to see how Plugins using in this Tour

little planet photo plugin tag
Almost everything can be customizable

1-Click Installation. Update instantly. Ready to use

See how it works

- 3 - Themes -

The themes bring the fancy look to your Virtual Tour
It comes with stylish, consistent & recognization

And It should elevate your Virtual Tour & make it looks outstanding

theme hotspots
6 theme of hotspots
4 types of controls bar
7 styles of scene menu

So there are 168 just-work combinations of themes

… with hundreds of options to mix between

  • color icon
  • position icon
  • animation icon
  • icon icon
  • behaviour icon

That's why it can satisfy both simple & complicated projects

See how it works

control bar
Switch theme with ease switch theme bar
Customize the way you want customize tool bar
Be creative creating tool
Inspired by community themes design

- 4 - View -

View setup, basically is about control what should be seen in the Virtual Tour

… it helps to bring out the best of the photo and hide the unnecessary flaw

You rarely need it
...but when the time comes, you REALLY need


  • You want a scene not show up in scene menu
  • You want to replace a scene without losing all of its setup
  • You want to group related scenes
  • You want a scene not be able to zoomed in too close or zoom out too far
  • You want to hide the ugly nadir
  • You want to limit the left & right, up & down
  • You want to create a "real" walking experience with hotspots
  • ...

See how it works

view edit

For more guide about Virtual Tour customization, please read our document