[Giveaway] Video tutorial of shooting HDR 360 panoramic photography of Jon Torek

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This course provides basic step to ones who care about the technique of shooting capturing and blending HDR 360 panoramic photos. Equipment before hand are not somethings complicated but just a DRSL camera, a tripod and a desktop.

The tutor of the course is Jon Torek, a photographer who has 20 plus years experience working in well-known studios. He also took part in the production of many famous movies like Avarta, the Hobbit, …
The course is ranked 4.7 over 5 by more than 500 enrolling students. With the price up to $20, you will have quality 1.5 hours lectures which worth much more than that. In 1.5 hours, the course will guide you how to shoot a splendid HDR panorama within 3 steps:

  • Preparation: equipment as well as location
  • Photo Shooting: how to capture a decent panorama
  • Processing: how to process your photos into stunning masterpieces
Lapentor - HDR Technique make photo looks outstanding

Download the Course now:

The content will also help you to grasp the crucial glossary and technical terms in photography.

After working with the course, please feel free to sign up with Lapentor – the free virtual tour software. We build the tool just for you and we want to listen from you. You can send any inquiry to help@lapentor.com or click to this link to reference more contents about panoramic photography.

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