How VR can boost your real estate business

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There is now a market that is worth tens of billions of dollars, just $80 billion by 2025 which is the Virtual Reality market. For the industry in which the location plays an essential role like real estate, VR would open up an entrance to enormous opportunities to do business which is estimated to reach 2.6 billions dollars in 2025.

Lapentor - An immersive interaction under Oculus glasses

The next-generation of Real Estate Business combined with VR (Virtual Reality)

In this era, with the VR technology, you can visit dozens of properties in one place. Before the birth of the internet, the real estate business could only thrive in both means of relationship & referrals. Nevertheless, nowadays with the use of the internet and the recent advantages from the VR, real estate companies can build a 360 panoramic photos platform which allows the potential customers, even the busiest ones could have a decent site inspection of departments they find interested.

Lapentor - Showcase your property in VR 3D

Why we should use VR to promote your next real estate project ?

There is a trend nowadays that entrepreneurs are increasingly entering the electronics market such as VR. As technology evolves, virtual reality headsets are becoming more and more what most people want, as well as companies that want access to the technology. Or as another example of cell phones or now wireless smartphones, any prospects can sit at home and experience the new house with VR functionality. Easily share with others. Not to mention the younger generation is one of the largest and most potential customers today, but conventional advertising is more difficult to reach than this kind of technology. And with ecommerce you have a great advantage in getting them noticed.

Lapentor - VR & AR - The combination of 2018

Create Your Own Real Estate VR Tour is now simple

As a real estate agent, you want to take the time to provide the best service to your current customers as well as to other customers. But if you do not have enough time or you want to increase your current productivity, then what better than using the VR with the great tools it brings at the time. There are now a lot of good tools for employing VR at its best and Lapentor is one of those.

  • Just by simple gestures like dragging and dropping your panoramic assets followed by few other customization to fit your needs, you already created an virtual department within an instant. In years working with users coming from real estate business, Lapentor has developed a set of favorite plugins preferred by the agents which includes:
  • It saves more time and human resources on making a deal. Customers receive information in a more proactive and intuitive way. It’s also more convenient for them to literally sit in one place but visit multiple places. Both the salesmen and the customers don’t need to commute among lots of locations before reaching the final decision.

In the future when every household own VR headset devices, the tech will total change the way we do this kind of business.

So are you ready to try ?

Technology is growing and the VR technology is not an exception, which has led to the development of a variety of other industries. Especially, real estate agents can access more easily with customers and vice versa. Lapentor is a powerful and intuitive tool to help customers experience a department with 360 photos especially when technology is more deeply embedded in today’s life.

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